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About the Book

Sure, we’ve got plenty of casual sex, porn, and sexual freedom to go around, but none of that is sexy. That stuff lacks the joy of transcendence, flirtation, dancing, or genuine intimacy.

For some, the solution is louder moralizing and stricter, legalistic thinking. 

But what if we reframed the conversation altogether? Instead of focusing on taboos, boundaries, and rules of sexual engagement, what if we let holy desire seduce people back to erotic virtue?

What if we stop asking how close we can get to the ethical boundaries, and start asking who do we truly want to be, and more importantly who do we want to be towards those we love?

This book is in part the author’s attempt to convey erotic virtue to his son Augustine, on the eve of high school graduation.

Augustine, along with a few musicians, poets, and scholarly friends, contribute brief reflections, inspiring rich dialog across generations, between lovers, and within the culture of our perplexing times.

This isn’t just another book about religious mores or pop psychology. It’s a block party with friends and family, at the intersection of spirituality and sexuality.

Join us, and discover why it’s not too late to bring sexy back.